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Overview and plot

All is well is a 2015 bollywood family drama film starring Abhishek bachan, Asin, Rishi kapoor and Supriya pathak directed by Umesh shukla. and produced by Bhushan kumar, Krishan kumar, Shyma bajaj and Varun bajaj. All is well is inspired from a social issue. Bollywood top critics gave above poor tag.
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Cast and Crew

Director : Umesh shukla
Producer: Bhushan kumar, Krishan kumar, Shyam bajaj and Varun bajaj
Writer : Sumit Aarya and niren bloat
Music composer: Himesh reshmiya , Amal malik and Meet bros
Cinematography: Sameer aarya
Editor: Sanjay
Production company: T-series
Released on: 21 August 2015
Abhishek bachan as
Rishi kapoor as
Asin as
Suprya pathak as

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All is well a disaster movie review

 Music review of All is well : The only positive point of all is well is songs. Nice song sung by great singer composed by extremely talented composer. “Char shanivaar”sung by (Arman malik and Badsah), Baton ko teri” sung by (Arjit singh)is awesome song of Albem All is well.
All is well have six song in albem.
  1. Char shanivaar sung by vishal dadlani, Arman malik and rap by Badsah. Three singer sung this song extremely good. It takes the place of this years dancing number.
  2. Bato ko teri sung by Arjit singh. He is great singer and this is amazing song.
  3. Mere humsafar sung by Mithoon and Tulsi kumar. Its recreation of “E merr hasafar” from Qayamat se qayamat tak(1989). 
  4. Nache farate dar sung by Kanika kapoor. Somehow kanika fail to recreate the magic of baby doll.
  5. Yolo sung by Sree ram. Indiol idol winner sriram sung many song in telgu.
  6. Tu milade sung by Ankit tiwari. Nice song sung by great singer ankit tiwari.

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Story and Plot review
One of the biggest poor creation of 2015. Director somehow wants to work hard on poor script but fell to grow this movie. Rishi kapoor is performing as sales man who have son abhishek bachan and wife suprya pathak. Abhishek bachan fell in love with Asin who was his classmate in 4th standard. Abhishek fail 10 times in fourth standard. Suprya pathak played a role of mad woman who forgot everything. This story follow rishi kapoor who handle three person Abhishek bachan, Suprya pathak and Asin.
Direction, editing, cinematography and dialogues
 Everything is going to be poor, OMG fame Umesh shukla exposed in direction. Good editing but outdated dialogues. Cinematography is just below average. This movie have such a thin story lineup with outdated dialogues.
Star performance
Acting is soul of the movie. Abhishek bachan tries best but fail to put up the low script. Rishi kapoor is versatile actor. Suprya pathak acted quiet well. Asin’s performance is bad.
Watch or not
Wait for DVD or television to watch this movie. Waste of time and money.
All is well’s music album.
Everything going to be negative.
All is well ratings 1.5/5

Last words of bollywood-reporter

 I think All is well will definitely fail on box office.Everything gone wrong for this movie. I am exited for box office results of this movie because this is biggest disasters of 2015.Why waste your time in all is well. You have lot of choices in theaters. Brothers or Manjhi both have positive review.

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