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Manjhi: The mountain man is a 2015 bollywood biopic based on real life of dashrath manjhi.He widely known as “Mountain man”. He carve a path through  mountain using only hammers and chisel.

Cast and Crew of Manjhi 

Directed by Ketan mehta
Produced by Nenalath gupta and Deepa sahi
Written by Ketan mehta, Anjum rajbali, Mahendra jhakhar
Starring : 
Nawazuddin sidhiki as Manjhi
Radhika Apte as Ruab the wife of Manjhi
Deepa sahi as PM indira ghandhi
Tigmanshu dhulia as Mukhiya
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Review of Manjhi the mountain man

Music and soundtrack review : Average music of a great true story of manjhi.
  1. “Gehlore ki galiya” sung by bhavin shastri for villagers average song.
  2. O rahi” sung by Bhavin shastri Inspiring song for manjhi who carve the path.
  3.  “Dum kham” sung by Divya kumar

Story and Plot review
Nawazudin sidhiki tells the story of Manjhi. Radhika apte played his wife’s role. In this movie a village Gehlore is in trouble because a mountain. The real fact is no hospital situated in this village and only madical store near a village but the village is across the mountain. So every villagers go across the mountain and take the medicine. One day manjhi’s wife fell down from the mountain. Manjhi think and decided that he defiantly  make a path through this mountain. He take a hammer and chisel . He start to break stones and after 22 years he carve through the mountain. He become the hero of peoples of gehlore and they named him “Manjhi: The mountain man”. Story is based on true life of Dashrath manjhi who lived in “Gehlore” in Bihar. Awesome story write by ketan mehta, anjhum and mahendra jhakhar.
Dialogues,direction,editing and cinematography review
Simple dialogues and nice editing and cinematography. Ketan mehta direct this movie quite well in first half and little bit slow in second half.
Star Performance
Nawazudin siddhiki is a great actor in natural type of acting. This story is based on true life so the character of Manjhi can played two actor Nazuddin siddhiki and Irfan khan . Nawazuddin siddiki is get the role and done extraordinary in this movie. He really looks likes a real manjhi.Radhika apte is good. Tigmanshu dhulia as mukhiya played a really fabulous role in this movie. He is hidden package of the movie.
Watch or Not
You can watch this movie
Whats good
Story and Acting of Nawazuddin siddhiki
Whats Bad
Dialogues and Cinematography
Manjhi the mountain man review : 4/5

Last word for Manjhi the mountain

This is a real story if you like biopic then defiantly watch this movie in your nearest theater. If you don’t like biopic then you can wait for dvd . Critically awesome creation of ketan mehta. Many critics gave 4.5/5 . 
Ndtv movies: Manjhi review

 Director and co-screenwriter ketan mehata brings the stranger-than-fiction true story of mountain man dasharath manjhi to the big screen with aid of dollops of drama.
This approach, which liberally draws upon the Bollywood narrative idiom in structuring a tale rooted in harsh reallity, might mak Manjhi – The mountain man more accessible to a wider audiance.

Hindustan times: Manjhi review

 Manjhi is also one of the most touching and inspiring love stories in Bollywood. Married in childhood, Dasharath and Faguniya hardly spent four-five years together before the dies. The bond that the duo develops during that short period can be clearly seen as the reason behind the 22-years old long struggle.

Times of India : Manjhi review

 The film starts with a monologue between a man , Dashrath(Nawaz) and a mountain.

Indian express movie review

 Nawazuddin siddiqui strains every sinew, and remains consistensly watchable despite the shift in tone. But even he cannot make the film soar

koimoi: manjhi review

 What could have been a bland and boring representation of true life story . Turns good on signature dialogue shandar, zabardast and Zindabad.This inspiring tale is appealing and glad brilliantly executed.  Manjhi is like India’s Thor

Bollywood hungama: manjhi review

Manjhi the mountain is good film but will appeal mainly  to the nawazuddin’s fan. However the film have potential to growth the word of mouth. 

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