Airlift vs Kya kool Hain Hum3 Box Office Prediction

Airlift vs KKHH3 is normal clash as we can saw many times in past and we will see in future. Both are different films and target different audience. Schedule to release on 22 January 2016.

Akshay Kumar : Airlift is different genre film and and has different audience we are ready for this clash between KKHH3 vs Airlift

Aftab Shivdashni: We isn’t worried about this upcoming bollywood clash.

Superstars statement may be for their film but here the actual data for this battle. How this clash affect both films. Box office prediction for this clash, Screen Share etc.

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Screen Count KKHH3 vs Airlift

KKHH is successful franchise. This is the third installment of this franchise that’s why every Cinema wants to give the first chance to KKHH3 but the second one is Akshay Kumar’s Film so there would be major sharing in screens.

  • KKHH3 may be release on 2300 screens because of successful franchise
  • Airlift may be release on 2000 screens

Multiplexes may gives more show to the Airlift because the class Audience may be like a class film.

  • KKHH3 10-15shows
  • Airlift 20 -25shows

Both movie releasing on around 2000 to 2300 screens but multiplexes may be major affect.

Kya kool Hain Hum 3 vs Airlift Popularity

Kya kool hain hum is more popular over the Airlift because this is successful franchise while Airlift is more popular over class audience who loves the baby type movies.

  • KKHH3 popularity graph is very high  in young generation while Airlift need good Word Of Mouth for popularity.
  • KKHH3 = 60 to 70% popular while Airlift = 30 to 40%

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Airlift vs KKHH3 Director Wise

Umesh Ghadge and Raja Krishnan Menon both has Average direction but Raja Krishnan may be more passionate and will be successful.

  • People wants watch kkhh3 because kya kool hain hum and kya super kool hain hum success not for director.
  • Both are searching the fame in bollywood.

KKHH3 vs Airlift Music wise

Airlift has some of the best song of the year wile kkhh3 has average music. I think music wise Airlift have more chances.

  • KKHH3 – Oh boy and Jawani le doobegi type songs
  • Airlift – Soch na sake and Dil Chiz tuje Dedi type super hit songs.

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Airlift vs KKHH3 Star Power

Airlift has Khiladi kumar that is only high weighted actor while Tushar kapoor and Aftab has low level star power.

  • People wants to watch Airlift because of Akshay Kumar
  • People wants to watch KKHH3 because of Successful franchise not for stars.

Airlift vs Kya Kool Hain Hum3 Box Office Prediction Opening day collection

Airlift may be loose on opening day but increase on 2nd day if the Word of mouth is positive. KKHH3 may be get good opening.

  • KKHH3 opening day box office prediction ->  8-10cr at domestic market
  • Airlift opening day box office prediction -> 6-8cr at domestic market

Lifetime Box Office Prediction of Airlift vs KKHH3

  • KKHH3 60 to 70cr at domestic market while 10 to 15cr at overseas market
  • Airlift 70 to 90 cr at domestic market while 25 to 30 cr at overseas market

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