Dilwale Hit or Flop | Final Verdict

Dilwale is a bollywood action-drama film directed by Rohit Shetty featuring Sahrookh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Senon. Dilwale released on 18th December 2016 clashed with Bajirao Mastani (Final Verdict) .

We all want to know about dilwale’s success ratio. After reading this post all your question may be answered. In this post you may answered about

  1. Dilwale Collection
  2. Dilwale Budget
  3. The Parameter of Hit or Flop Movies
  4. Profit or Loss
  5. Dilwale Hit or Flop

Dilwale Collection

Dilwale is much awaited bollywood movie that is really works good on it’s first weekend because of some reasons and big clashed bajirao mastani overtakes after first weekend.

Dilwale crossed 100cr mark in domestic market in 1st week while dilwale crossed 200cr mark in worldwide crossed after 10days.

Dilwale still struggling to cross 150cr in India and 300cr worldwide. Dilwale may cross this mark.

  • Dilwale Total Domestic Collection is 146cr in 24days while it may earns 3 to 4 cr. So the Life Time Collection will be 149cr to 150cr.
  • Dilwale Total Overseas Collection is 150cr in 24days. Lifetime collection will be 155cr
  • Dilwale worldwide collection is 296cr in 24days. Life time collection will be 300cr to 310cr

Dilwale Budget

Budget of Dilwale is set to around 90cr. The advertisement and printed cost is set to around 25cr. Dilwale’s production company is Red Chilies that’s why this cost is without including Sahrookh Khan’s Salary. Sahrookh Khan’s Salary is around 40 to 50cr per film.

  • Dilwale’s Total Investment is 115cr without SRK Salary
  • Dilwale’s Total Investment is 155cr to 165cr with SRK salary.

Sahrookh Khan is Actor + Producer of Dilwale because of every movie set there budget with every actors salary.  So actual budget is around 160cr.

The Parameter of Hit or Flop Movies

This parameter is based on koimoi’s parameter. I think if you have any problem with this parameter please visit koimoi.

  • Flop – Any movie losses 50% or more cost from actual budget
  • Loosing – Any movie losses less than 50%
  • Average – Any movie recover there actual budget cost
  • Plus – Any movie recover there actual cost but that movie hits some profit
  • Hit – Any movies profit is doubles from the actual budget cost
  • Super hit – Any movie’s profit is more than double from the actual budget cost.

There is no guarantee is any movie crossed 100cr remains hit tag. For ex Jai Ho

Profit Or Loss

Domestic Market

  • 150cr Collection but 160cr is total investment. So Dilwale is in loosing

Overseas Market

  • 155cr Collection but 160cr is total Investment. So Dilwale is In Loosing


  • 300cr Collection but budget is 160cr. So Dilwale is in Plus.

Dilwale Final Verdict | Dilwale Hit Or Flop

Dilwale is above Average and below Hit. We can say it’s a Semi-Hit movie or Dilwale is in Plus.



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