Saala khadoos box office prediction – hit or flop

Saala khadois is dream project of raj kumar hiraani. He always surprise us with small budgets film like Ferrari ki sawari. This film has only R. Madhwan as a big name, this is sports drama film. Saala khadoos box office prediction is full analysis.

Saala khadoos may be little bit more rare chance to get more screens than mastizaade because Airlift is content based movie running smoothly but kkhh3 lost everything and may ban.  Let’s talk about saala khadoos star power, music, direction, box office prediction and final verdict or saala khadoos hit or flop.

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Saala khadoos Screen counts

Lots of competition out there so the screen count is less than 1000. Still Saala khadoos can better business with this screens because content is king. If film get some positive reviews and positive word of mouth than it can double the earning because its low-budget film.

May be saala khadoos  releasing on 800+ screens at domestic market.

Saala kahdoos Star power

Lack of stat power only R.madhwan is big name. Last film of R.madhwan tanu weds many return was super hit and he is very confident for this film. His look is too good, His hard work is clearly seen in trailers.

Saala khadoos Music power

All songs are feat for screenplay so there is no big hope for saala khadoo music. This is average  music. Jhali pathaka is good song from the entire album.

Saala khadoos Director

Saala khadoos only has one big positive point against mastizaade is director. We all know raj Kumar hirani is awesome director in bollywood industry. Last films P.K and Ferrari ki sawari.

Saala Khadoos Box office prediction

The platform is all set for Saala Khadoos clashing with Mastizaade.There is very tough competition for Saala Khadoos because Airlift is on the floor running smartly, Mastizaade also release on same day. So this is trio tough competition. Saala Khadoos need very good reviews for survival on box office.

Openin  Day prediction

2-3cr at domestic market.

Lifetime Box Office Prediction

20 to 25cr is best suitable for Salaa khadoos at domestic market while 5 to 10 cr from the overseas market.

 Hit or Flop – Conditions

  • Profit is double from the investing money – Super-Hit
  • Profit is above 50% Hit
  • Profit occurs- Less then 50%  Plus
  • No profit No Loss – Average
  • Less then 50% Loss – Minus
  • More then 50% Loss – Flop

Saala Khadoos Hit or Flop case

Budget – 29cr

  • Saala Khadoos need 58cr to get Super-hit tag
  • Saala Khadoos need 44+cr to get hit tag
  • Saala Khadoos need 29+cr to get Plus tag
  • Saala khadoos need 29cr to get Average tag
  • Saala khadoos need 15+cr to get Minus tag
  • Saala Khadoos may be flop if it collect less then 15cr

Our Lifetime prediction is 20 to 25cr then this will be get minus tag if it is right.

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