Aligrah Box Office Prediction – Hit Or Flop

Aligrah’s social message already boom at . This year has great strong content based movies. If you looking for another strong content based movie then Aligrah will be a most promising bollywood film. Aligrah Box Office Prediction is all about Strength and Weakness, Screen Count, Budget, Box office prediction, Hit or Flop

Strength of Aligrah

  • Strong Content + Social Message
  • Low Budget Film
  • Good cast for this type of genre – Manoj Bajpayi and Rajkumar Rao

Weakness of Aligrah

  • Average Music
  • Promotion Campaign

Aligrah Screen Count

Aligrah may be release on 500+ Screens in India because 5 other film also release on sane day.

Aligrah Budget

The team set their budget around 5cr which is very low.

Aligrah Box office prediction

Screens and Promotion both are very low. So these points affect opening day earning.

Aligrah Hit Or Flop

Criteria for hit or flop

  • Super-hit = Profit is double from the Budget
  • Hit= Profit is more than 50%
  • Semi hit, Above Average, Plus = profit is less than 50%
  • Average= No profit No Loss
  • Semi flop, Minus, Below average= Loss is less than 25%
  • Flop = Loss is above 25% and less than 50%
  • Disaster = Loss is more than 50%

Aligrah hit or flop criteria

  • 10cr – Super-hit
  • 7.5cr- Hit
  • 5cr+ Plus
  • 5cr Average
  • Less than 5cr Minus
  • 3.75cr Flop
  • 2.5cr Disaster


Lifetime box office prediction if Positive WOM

  • Opening day 1.5cr-2cr
  • First Weekend 8-10cr
  • First week 20cr
  • Lifetime 25cr at domestic and 3-5cr at Overseas
  • All Time Blockbuster

Lifetime box office prediction if Negative WOM

  • Opening day 0.50cr
  • First weekend 2-3cr
  • First week 5cr
  • Lifetime 7crat domestic market and 1cr at Overseas
  • Hit

Lifetime box office prediction if Average WOM

  • Opening day 1cr
  • First Weekend 3-4cr
  • First week 7cr
  • Lifetime 12-15cr at domestic market and 2cr at overseas
  • Super-hit

Our all prediction meet with Hit to All Time Blockbuster criteria.

What do you think about Aligrah?

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