Rocky Handsome Box Office Prediction – Hit or Flop

Rocky Handsome Box Office Prediction – Hit or Flop

Rocky handsome is upcoming Bollywood movie which is directed by Nishikant Kamat while starring John Abraham and Shruti Hasan. Rocky Handsome box office prediction is all about Screen counts, Strength, Weakness, Opening day prediction, Lifetime prediction, Music Review, Budget, Hit or Flop

Rocky Handsome Strength

  • Good pairing – Worked in “Welcome back”
  • Good trailer- Action packed Dialogues
  • Based on Korean film “The man from nowhere”

Rocky Handsome Weakness

  • Average Music
  • Story content looking dumb
  • This is high budget film 75cr

Rocky Handsome Music

Rocky handsome has average music tracks. Quirky numbers didn’t work in this album while rehnuma is one track is decent from this album. Other songs are totally headache. Music review

Rocky Handsome Screen Counts

Rocky Handsome is schedule to release on 25th March 2016. This film may be release with Great Grand Masti. If film release solo then it will be release on 2500+ screens in India. If film release with great grand masti then Great grand masti will get more screens than Rocky Handsome. In this situation rocky handsome will get 1500+ screens.

  • Believe in solo release – 2500+ screens

Rocky Handsome Box Office Prediction

Opening day box office prediction

  • 12-15cr at domestic market – Solo release
  • 40cr+ first weekend
  • 55cr+ first week

Lifetime box office prediction

  • 70cr+ at domestic market

Rocky Handsome Hit or Flop

Criteria for hit or flop

  • Super-hit = Profit is double from the Budget
  • Hit= Profit is more than 50%
  • Semi hit, Above Average, Plus = profit is less than 50%
  • Average= No profit No Loss
  • Semi flop, Minus, Below average= Loss is less than 25%
  • Flop = Loss is above 25% and less than 50%
  • Disaster = Loss is more than 50%

Rocky Handsome Hit or Flop Criteria

  • 150cr+ Super-hit
  • 5cr+ Hit
  • 75cr+ Semi hit, Above Average, Plus
  • 75cr Average
  • 25cr+ to below 75cr Semi Flop, below average, Minus
  • 5cr+ to below 56.25cr Flop
  • Below 36.5cr – Disaster

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