Ki and Ka Lifetime Collection | Final Verdict – Hit or Flop

Here is our post about Ki and Ka Lifetime collection, final verdict and hit or flop. Ki and Ka was a different genre film that really did good impact on Indian market. This film was received mixed reviews but its positive Wom lift the collection.

Film released all over India in 1600+ screens and 500+ Screens at Overseas. Which is specially good for Kareena kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor.

Ki and Ka Lifetime collection

Opening day collection7.30cr
Second Day Collection8.41cr
Third Day Collection9.52cr
First Weekend Collection25.23cr
Fourth Day Collection3.54cr
Fifth Day Collection3.30cr
Sixth Day Collection2.82cr
Seventh Day Collection2.68cr
First Week Collection37.57cr
Eighth day collection2.23cr
Ninth day collection2.80cr
Tenth day collection3.21cr
Second Weekend collection8.24cr
Eleventh day collection1.01cr
Twelfth day collection0.98cr
Thirteenth day collection1.06cr
Fourteenth day collection1.25cr
Second week collection12.54cr
Fifteenth day collectionN/a
Sixteenth Day CollectionN/a
Seventeenth Day collectionN/a
Third Week collection1.51cr
Lifetime Domestic Collection52cr*
Lifetime Overseas Collection 27.30cr*
Lifetime Worldwide Gross 79.30cr*

*: Film still running and collections are estimated will be more than it.

Budget & Economics

Budget: 25cr

Printing & Advertisement Cost: 5cr

Total Budget: 30cr

Criteria of Ki and Ka hit or flop

  • Super-Hit: Profit% = 200%+
  • Hit : Profit% = 100%+
  • Semi-Hit: Profit %= 50%+
  • Above Average Profit%= 0%+
  • Average Profit%= 0%
  • Below Average profit %= Less than 0%
  • Flop Profit % = Less Than 50%
  • Disaster % = Less Than 100%

Ki and Ka Final Verdict

Profit%= ROI/Budget*100

ROI= Lifetime collection – budget

So Actual Profit% is

Lifetime Collection= 52cr at domestic market

Budget= 30cr

ROI= 52- 30 = 22cr

Profit%= 22/30*100

Profit%= 73.33%

Ki and Ka got 73%+ profit at domestic market. If we compare it with our criteria than film set to 50%+ profit that is,

SEMI-HIT [Above 50% profit].

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Ki and Ka Hit or Flop


Final word for Ki and Ka

This film was experimental film that received mixed reviews but successful at box office.


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