Azhar Total Collection – Final verdict Hit or flop

Azhar total collection and Final verdict: In this post we are talk about Azhar’s Performance at domestic and overseas market, Films verdict etc. Azhar profit loss scenario, where the film stands? and what will be the total collection of azhar?.

Azhar is a biopic of Mohammad azharuddin. His cricket life, family life and most important controversial life.
Film received mixed reviews from the critics and audience.
Azhar total collection
Opening day: 6.30cr
2nd day: 7.00cr
3rd day: 7.50cr
1st Weekend: 20.80cr
4th Day collection: 2.95cr
5th day: 2.50cr
6th day: 3.00cr
7th day: 1.50cr
1st week: 29.70cr
Total collection: 29.70cr
Lifetime collection will be 32cr.

Azhar stands out of the box because this is first flopped biographical film even it was well critically acclaimed.

Azhar’s performance at domestic market was just below par because of Ipl . This film will be performed well if some one other cast as Azharoddin.

Overseas performance was nothing to comment on this.

Final Verdict of Azhar

Azhar hit or flop criteria
Super-Hit: If profit doubled
Hit: If profit is 100% and more
Flop: If loss less than 50%

Hit or Flop and Profit or Loss
Budget: 35cr
Total collection: 32cr
Loss 3cr.
Loss%- 3/35*100=


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