Shivaay vs ADHM Box Office Prediction – hit or flop

Shivaay vs Aye dil hai mushkil is biggest upcoming bollywood clash on Diwali and Here is Shivaay vs ADHM box office prediction. The post includes comparison of Cast, Buzz, Music, Trailer, Polls, Box office prediction and Hit or Flop scenario of both films.

The post also include and conclude the who will be the winner of Shivaay vs Ae dil hai mushkil Battle.  We also talking about the budget and screen shares ratio of Shivaay and ADHM. One another point for Adhm vs Shivaay  who will be biggesr grosser.

Let’s come to the Point

 Cast Comparisons of Shivaay vs Adhm

It’s Just fight of One Super-Star with Three stars. Ajay Devgn take on three stars Ranbeer kapoor, Aishwarya Rai and Anushka Sharma.

So the power rating of star will be inside of ADHM. Ajay Devgn said he never afraid from any clashes even he said he never take clashes too seriously.

Its audience polls for shivaay vs ae dil hai mushkil

Buzz of ADHM vs Shivaay

Shivaay get the buzz when it’s announced while Adhm just started increasing the buzz when title track (ae dil hai mushkil) released. We will compare the music in next paragraph.

Taran Aadarsh said Shivaay is second higher buzz film after Dangal of upcoming bollywood movies. He also noted that Adhm also include in third position. So be ready for the perfect fight.

Music of Ae dil hai mushkil vs Shivaay

Both the films released their title tracks and one another song. Now we are talking about title track Adhm get the full benefit of Adhm title track as i mentioned above while Shivaay title track is good but …. Adhm far better than Shivaay title track.

Come to the second song Adhm released Bulleya Song and Shivaay released Darkhast song. Bulleya was good but this time Darkhast is an amazing song.

So the music is going through toughest music album fight. After Darkhast it will be more challenging task for Karan Johar to compete with Ajay Devgn.

Trailer of Shivay vs ADHM

The action packed with full of dramatic scenes like a power packed trailer of Shivaay takes on the romantic triangle love story that introduce the first song with love scenes of three stars.

Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay trailer was more attractive and powerful than Karan Johar’s Adhm. It was old scenario Karan Johar Introduce second trailer and now everything is changed. The fight is now very tight.

Budget and Screen counts for Adhm vs shivaay

Shivaay will grab more screens than Adhm because of genre. Adhm just missed the pace after bulleya while Shivaay takes more pace after Darkhast. So its gonna be a 51/49 screens share ratio which is tough fight for both the films.

Shivaay budget is more than Adhm. The battle between 100cr vs 70cr films.

100cr: Shivaay Budget

90cr: ADHM Budget(Not confirmed but in the news)

Shivaay vs Adhm Box office prediction

Now the biggest clash is going through the box office prediction. It will be more and more interesting to find out who is the winner of Ae dil hai mushkil vs Shivaay battle. You also want to know about which film get hit or which film will get flop tag. So Here is

Shivaay vs Adhm hit or flop ratio

 Shivaay vs ADHMShivaayADHM
 ATB 250cr+ 175cr+
 Blockbuster 200cr+ 150cr+
 Super-Hit 175cr+ 125cr+
 Hit 150cr+ 100cr+
 Semi Hit 125cr+ 85cr+
 Average 100cr+ 75cr+
 Below Average 90cr+ 60cr+
 Flop 75cr and Less 50crand less
 Disaster 50 cr 40cr

Shivaay vs Adhm box office prediction /collection

 Shivaay vs ADHMShivaayADHM
 Opening Day 20cr+ 17.5cr+
 On Diwali Day 29cr+ 24cr+
 First Weekend 75cr+ 65cr+
 First Week 120cr+ 100cr+
 Second Week25cr+ 8.5cr+
 Third Week 8cr+ 3cr+
 Total Collection 175cr+ 120cr+
 Overseas 60cr to 70cr+ 50cr+
 Worldwide Gross 250cr+ 175cr+


Note: The prediction goes wrong due to both film released 2 days before diwali. Our prediction was held for Monday holiday. So let’s wait for that day.

Who is the winner of Adhm vs SHivaay battle

This is going to be very difficult to answer this question. Time will tell everything. Just vote for it. In these polls still winner is Shivaay.

Adhm vs Shivaay who will be bigger grosser

If everything going to well and the critics reviews will be positive for both the films and Wom will positive than i am pretty sure that Shivaay will won the highest opening day grosser and lifetime grosser battle.

Final Words on Shivaay vs Adhm battle

The beginning of battle is fantastic. Shivaay and Ae dil hai mushkil’s trailer were heart breaking. The fight between full of action packed movie vs full of romance based movie. Music is amazing of both the films. Now be ready for the biggest fight on This diwali.


That’s it from my side on Shivaay vs Adhm box office prediction. Thanks for visiting this site, keep it up. Like us on facebook, twitter, Share this.

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